Monday, November 16, 2015

Wireless AC Supply On-Off System #ijsrd

Paper Title : Wireless AC Supply On-Off System

Author(s):  Abhinav Chauhan , DIT University, Dehradun; Daksh Chawla, DIT University, Dehradun; Vinay Kumar, DIT University, Dehradun; Sandeep Sharma, DIT University, Dehradun

Keywords:Wireless AC Supply On-Off System, Transmitter Section, Receiver Section

Abstract: This work includes the information to develop and fabricate a wireless ac supply on-off system. Our motivation of doing this project is physically differently abled individuals who face the difficulty in on-off of their room appliances like fan, tube light. This project is also being successfully tested and implemented for motion of 60kg robot in Robowars at Techfest, IIT Bombay and Robowars at Cognizance, IIT Roorkee. This is a simple type remote control by using RF communication without microcontroller. In this project a remote has been designed for various home appliances like television, fan, lights, etc. It gives lot of comfort to the user since we can operate it by staying at one place. We can control any of the appliances by using this remote within the range of 400 foots.

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